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Wellness Treatments

Benefits of massage

Massage is an ancient art of healing. Stress manifests itself in many different ways causing harm to both the body and mind. Massage provides a meditative state of mind and is known to increase relaxation and decrease anxiety, promotes better circulation of blood and helps you sleep better.

By increasing circulation of blood and stimulating the flow of lymph (the body's natural defense system) against toxic invaders, "MASSAGE" the natural healing process only gets better with frequency.

At SVA Spas we believe, it is time to relax when you don't have time for it. Your body, mind and spirit needs to be surrounded by people who will uplift you and our team at SVA Spas will surely elevate and brighten your spirit. We promise this will be a habitual experience.

Our team is highly experienced and knowledgeable and will answer and inform you of:

  • Why a particular treatment is recommended.
  • What concerns does each treatment address.
  • What is the experience like.
  • What results are expected from the treatment.